Instagram is the fastest growing social platform worldwide, and – when done right – can be the foundation of a successful business. In the creative industry, Instagram is often the first place a potential customer will explore, interacting with your brand to decide whether you speak the same language before diving onto your website. 

So how do you determine the right aesthetic and curate content for your page? How do you engage and build your following? And how do you drive action that will sell your product or service? We created The Stylephiles Social Series ebook to answer these questions.

Through much trial and error, dedication and constant re-evaluation, we have survived the many algorithmic headaches thrown our way as Instagram itself continued its boom and we have achieved steady and consistent growth. We hope that the bank of tools, tips and tricks which we’ve stockpiled across the years of screen-shotting, liking, commenting, collaborating, posting and re-posting will help you find your way to 100k followers too.

We’re excited to share our strategy with you! Pre-register to be the first to access this ebook and thank you for your interest in the Stylephiles Social Series and we look forward to joining you on your Instagram journey. 

Coming March 2018