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The Stylephiles Social Series -
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Our brand new eBook shows you the tips and tricks we've used to grow our brand presence, engagement and following on Instagram. Through 90+ pages of detailed learning, you'll be armed with the tools to build your own killer social strategy.

Over the last 5 years we have cultivated a dedicated Instagram community of over 100,000 followers. We're excited to share our tool box of creative ideas and expert advice to help you harness this powerful social platform. 

Through much trial and error, dedication and constant re-evaluation, we have survived algorithmic headaches thrown our way, as Instagram continues to boom. We have successfully achieved steady and consistent growth and hope that giving you an insight into our personal Instagram journey will guide you to 100K followers and beyond.


  • A clear content plan with optimal times to post that is well balanced and incorporates all your brands unique selling points 
  • A formula for top performing content and an understanding of your social audience and future potential audience demographic
  • Clear difined marketing and social goals for the next 6-12 months
  • Brand guidelines for your social aesthetic and tone of voice
  • Ideas of ways to collaborate with other brands and leverage your own social following and theirs to reach new audiences and recruit customers
  • An collection of story pillars that are relevant to your business and share your entire brand story and values
  • An understanding of the different strategies you can implement to source content that will resonate with your social following
  • A tool that is going to help you stay organised and on top of your content strategy 
  • A clear understanding of how to make your Instagram content work for you and optimise engagement with your followers
  • Influencer partnership strategies to help you create exciting content and align your brand with online personalities that resonate with your customer base. 
  • Examples and ideas of how to execute competitions that drive engagement, draw in new followers and reward your social audience
  • A clear understanding of how our preferred analytics program can help you determine what content works for your audience and an insight into your current following and their social behavior

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