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Our brand new Social Series ebook gives you the tricks and tools you need to grow your brand presence, engagement and following on Instagram – and make it the foundation of a successful business.

Over the last 3 years we have cultivated a dedicated Instagram community of over 100,000 customers. We're excited to share 60 pages of creative ideas + expert advice that will show you how to harness this incredible social platform. 


  • A clear content plan with the optimal times and days plus frequency of content laid out. 
  • Like mined brands you could work along side for competitions and collaborations. 
  • A formula for top performing content and an understanding of your social audience and future potential audience
  • Clear dined marketing and social goals for the next 6-12 months 
  • Brand guidelines for your social aesthetic and voice
  • An collection of story pillars that are relevant to your business and share your entire brand story and values
  • An understanding of the different strategies you can implement to source content that will resonate with your following
  • A clear well balanced content plan that incorporates all your brands unique selling points 
  • A tool that is going to help you stay organised and on top of your content strategy 
  • A clear understanding of how to make your content work for you and optimise engagement with your followers
  • Ideas of ways to collaborate with brands and leverage your brands following and others to reach new audiences
  • Influencer partnership strategies to help you create new and exciting content and align your brand with online personalities that resonate with your customer base. 
  • Examples and ideas of how to execute interesting competitions on your Instagram platform
  • A clear understanding of how our preferred analytics program can help you determine what content works for your audience and an insight into your current following and then social behavior
  • The tools to track all user comments and your brand hashtags
  • How to track and filter your own content and the content of your customers that incorporate your brand.

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