Who Should I Be Following On Instagram?

Instagram is a global platform and it’s important to keep this in mind when considering who your potential audience/ customer base is depending on what your message is, what you’re selling or the information you’re sharing.

Everything you do on Instagram is a direct reflection of your brand and should be relevant to your brand’s audience and identity. Go down the social rabbit hole to build your following and be deliberate in who you choose to follow and engage with. Finding the right users to engage with and follow is easy but can be time consuming.

  • Look at the brands and peers you follow and start exploring who they choose to follow on Instagram.

  • Make sure the people you decide to follow are relevant to your brand. If you are a designer and half the people you follow are accounts that are related to extreme sports – there is a disconnect.

  • Be aspirational and follow the leaders in your industry.

Your following says a lot about the reach of your brand and how influential you are as a business or influencer. Though no matter what kind of following number you boast, a highly involved audience of 5,000 will always be more valuable to your brand than 20,000 anonymous users who don’t engage with your page.

Who you decide to follow is also a big reflection of how engaged you are with your own social community. Following a small number of accounts can work against you as it can appear as though your Instagram platform is merely a broadcast tool and you are not engaging with your customers and creative peers. It’s cold and impersonal, and we feel can be perceived as a little arrogant. On the flipside, following too many account can work against you as it becomes impossible to engage with all of the accounts you follow. Follow as many accounts as you can regularly engage with and if an account you follow is posting content you no longer find interesting or relevant, unfollow them.

Be selective on who you decide to follow and make sure you are engaging with these users regularly. Even if this is only an occasional like or quick comment, it’s good to be present and show an interest in their content. As your following grows the ratio of this will start to change. The Stylephiles currently only follows just under 2% in comparison to our followers. However, this 2% is over 1800 peers who we follow and engage with. Generally speaking, your followers should increase at a higher rate than your following as your platform grows.

As part of your brand guidelines you create make a list of influential peers, accessible peers and industry leaders you want to follow and be highly engaged with. Find a good balance between these users.

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