Weekender: Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend away to escape the craziness that is New York is always something I look forward to. Besides navigating the horror of JFK airport, Nashville ( AKA The City Of Music ) is only a 2.5 hour flight and has been on our travel list for some time. We are always interested to explore a little more of the US and with some really cool eateries and one very alluring new style of boutique accommodation that is all we needed to carve out a couple of days to play tourist.

Steph x


Where to stay?

Bode Nashville is a new concept I had been stalking on Instagram for a while. The oxidized-treated façade and dark charcoal brick along with its overall mid-century modern aesthetic had me saving almost every post keeping this stylish stay top of mind.

Pulling up to this dark brick building that takes up an entire block instantly felt different to anywhere else we’ve stayed. Bode is an unconventional hotel feeling like a hybrid of a very stylish Airbnb crossed with a modern boutique hotel. As we roll through the timber slat gate we are greeted with the most beautiful courtyard lined with deciduous trees symmetrically planted in a row. Thanks to the internet and particularly Instagram, I am often met with a feeling of nostalgia in places I have never been and in the first few steps this familiar wave of emotion washed over me.

A text message to welcome us interrupts my thoughts as we be-line for what looks like a bar/ reception with the pin-code to our room. No need to check in, we headed down the pathway for room 19 eager to explore our digs for the next few nights. Located in downtown Nashville, Bode it is the perfect location mixed with stylish contemporary accommodation.  

We really used Bode as an anchor for our whole vacation – setting us up to experience the best bits of this town including amazing eateries, well-curated shops and of course a touch of country music.

Where to eat?

The brunch spot listed on a few guides we read was Butcher and Bee ( they have a location in Charleston too). All the produce is as you would except -  from local farmers who create spectacular flavors. ‘Supporting local and sustainable is not a slogan. It’s the right thing to do, and the food tastes better for it’ and we couldn’t agree more! It is hard to say what was more impressive, the interior design or the food. I booked ahead and requested the Chef’s counter, and just as I had imagined, we sat in ore watching everything be prepared with love, passion and precision.  

As big fans of the Netflix series Chef’s Table, as soon as we decided to head to Nashville we booked Husk. Executive Chef Katie Coss reinterprets the bounty of Tennessee and the surrounding area, exploring an ingredient-driven cuisine that begins in the rediscovery of heirloom products and redefines what it means to cook and eat in the South.

What really stood out is Husks dedication to each origin of every ingredient. Upon entry, every ingredient is listed out on a master chalk board with coordinating information about the producer and their farm.  

Nashville is known for its fried chicken in particular Hattie B’s is acknowledged by both locals and tourists as the best. Known for their strong and spicy foodie addicts and for being Nashville’s most iconic chicken spot, Hattie Bs is a little sore on the eyes décor wise but you are always greeted with Southern-friendly hospitality.

Be sure to call ahead or order online for takeout to avoid those lines out the door that can be 2+ hours.

Where to shop?

I meet Ivy and Josh ( founders of Wilder ) last year in NY and we connected immediately. They spent two decades in NY with backgrounds in dance, film, theater and art. After relocating to Nashville they discovered they are their most creative when shaping spaces and creating dynamic environments. Wilder product mix is a constantly rotating edit showcasing the world's leading and emerging contemporary designers-- in categories ranging from furniture and lighting to fragrance & apparel.  They celebrate modern design in all its articulations, and are frequently conspiring with new collaborators on exclusive products, innovative residencies and some really fun parties!

Goodwin is a women’s capsule retail concept based in Nashville. The act of discovery is something that we cherish, with a focus on independent, emerging designers and artists. Goodwin (meaning good friend) has a beautiful curation of products that at their core embrace simplicity, mindfulness and intentional living.

Founder Elise Joseph worked as a brand consultant and art director and believes that the people, clothing and objects that we surround ourselves with are a direct reflection of our desires and values.

FLWR is the sweetest little flower shop located in East Nashville. We stopped by one morning just for a look - as buying flowers on a weekend away makes no sense according to my husband Chris. This shop is built out on the first floor of the owners Alex and Quinn’s home where they have lived since relocating from New York. As soon you walk through the door the Ellie Cashman floral wallpaper catches your eye along with hundreds of fresh stems and blooms.