Edit 5+ Style Tips for Selling Your Home

Preparing your home for sale or to be leased can be a stressful exercise. I recently styled our Randwick apartment to be leased before our relocation to New York. I kept my focus on clean lines, layered linens in the bedroom and adding just the right amount of greenery to soften each space. With years of experience styling clients homes for sale/rental in Sydney - here are some tips to get your home INSPECTION READY! Steph x

Tip 1 - Create a master list:

Walk through of your home from front to back and list everything that needs to be completed pre inspections. What needs fixing, what needs to be thrown out, items to be stored, items that will be relocated to another space in your home etc. This will give you an indication of your workload.

Tip 2 - Plan out a timeline:

Work with your real-estate agent to create a timeline that is manageable and realistic. You will need to make sure you have ample time to declutter, style your apace and of course organise any trades if needed. Dont underestimate the time it takes to overhaul your home.

Tip 3 - Get it right - lighting

Lighting is a key element and can easily warm up any space - if you use the correct globes. Make sure all your light globes are a warm natural light and all non working globes are replaced and uniform.

Tip 4 - Add Some Greenery

Each room should have at least one lot of greenery. Be smart in your selection as this can be an inflated expense thats creeps up an up....

Kitchen: use potted herbs instead of flowers as these should last for your entire campaign and will also give off a lovely fresh scent. Fresh fruit/vegetables are also a great item to play around with on mass in a large bowl or on a platter. I love texture so my go-to picks are pineapples, artichokes, coconuts and pears. Stay away from soft fruit like strawberries and bananas as these will not last between inspections and will constantly need replacing.

Flowers vs Greenery: alternate between using flowers, small plants, succulents and greenery. You can use cut leaves or foliage ( from your garden) in a nice vase in any space and this can last for up to four weeks with the water being refreshed every few days. Ask your florist for suggestions on what flowers are in season and what will last. I personally love using plants or cut leaves for the bathroom and a flower with lush petals for bedrooms.

Tip 5 - Declutter

If in doubt - throw it out! Your home needs to feel light with ample storage. Every closet and cupboard needs to be addressed and cleaned out. If a cupboard is overcrowded it tells your buyer - there is not enough storage.

If you need to store excess items that you would like to hold onto for your next home but need to be removed for your campaign, hire a storage box that can be stored off-site. These box's can then be returned once you have sold/rented out your home. In Sydney I always choose to store with Taxi Box.

Okay, one more........

Tip 6 - Choose a Scent

Pick a beautiful candle to light in one - two spaces of your home. Select the same scent for each space so the smell is uniform and consistent. The scent you choose should not be to overpowering as it will present like you are covering up a bad smell. My scent of choice is always Lumira Cuban Tobacco.

*Make sure you ask your real-estate agent to blow any candles out before leaving the inspection.