A Stylish Stay: The Old Clare, Sydney

In this age of 'modern industrial' every man and his well travelled dog are vying for a slice of the steel framed pie. But few can do it with such honesty and authenticity as the recently revamped Old Clare Hotel. Residing in Chippendale the fringe of Sydney's CBD, The Old Clare is the jewel in the crown of the newly redeveloped Kensington Street precinct and neighbouring Central Park development. The area, previously home to the original Old Clare pub and Carlton United Breweries is now a vibrant hub of retail, residential and award winning restaurants - three of which are located on site. With so much variety on offer the area is abuzz with a melting pot of Sydney's cool cats, hip students, creative crowd and well-suited sirs.

Step inside the Old Clare and you could be in any of Manhattan's currently trending locales. Adorned in authentic vintage finds, the building's history is on show wherever you look, a beautifully preserved skeleton encased in a sleek casket of glass and steel, the sleek additions contrasting beautifully with the endless raw brick walls and generously lofty ceilings. With 62 rooms on offer, each space stays true to its storytelling, ensuring the original features are accentuated and celebrated. With its unique styling and historic significance, The Old Clare has plugged a desperately needed void in the Sydney hotel market. Forget the so-called "five star" set - at last we can proudly boast a CBD hotel with all the trimmings and none of the ugly hallway carpets.

For the Instagram inclined (or if you're just looking for somewhere simply beautiful to stay for your next Sydney visit) - here is the hotel you've been longing for. At The Old Clare, everything old is not just new again - it's revived and utterly radiant.


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