Shop_philes: Our Picks for May

It’s no secret we lose time daily as we trawl the delicious world of decor and interiors, forever bookmarking our musts and our lusts! Every month we want to share the best of our new finds along with some of the carry-over coveted pieces we hope to one day add to our own homes.
Happy (window) shopping!

Kaz & Steph x


1/ Mquan Studio Ceramics from $95

Obsessed is a strong word which we don’t use lightly. But safe to say we are officially OBSESSED with everything that comes out of Michele Quan’s design studio in New York. Her ceramic pieces are formed by hand, wheel thrown in stoneware or porcelain and all images decorating each piece are hand painted. Having stalked her works all over NY, I decided when in California at one of our new favorite shops Dekor to dive head first and buy my first piece - a Moonflower dish for my bedside table. It will be joined shortly by the Constellation Moons dish along with a dozen other things on my lust list. It's no secret I love ceramics, so investing in these small treasures isn't a huge investment as they bring us so much joy. 

2/ Rebecca Atwood Wallpaper from $10

Watch out Mott Street SoHo, Ms Atwood is opening the doors to her very first retail store any moment! With a goal to inspire unique, beautiful and imagined spaces - this boss lady is nailing her mission. Rebecca is Brooklyn based, owning and operating her namesake collection of home goods including fabrics, pre-made cushions and wallpapers. Our most beloved styles of wallpaper are the Speckled Wallpaper in Cloud Blue and the Cat Cow Wallpaper in Grey/Silver. Her designs are intricate, yet subtle with a modern colour palette. 

3/ Flos IC Lights S from $595

No matter your taste – everyone can appreciate a good design classic and since moving to America in 2016 I am leaning towards styles like the Flos IC light series designed by Michael Anastassiades. This light showcases Michael's love of industrial simplicity as well as his incredible technical skill. Kaz and I are always finding the balance between what to spend on and where to save and this is one of those classic timeless items which will defy any trend and remain forever chic. 

4/ Artworks by Adrienne Jackson Prints from $47 | Paintings form $285

Canadian based artist Adrienne Jackson's favourite place to tell her stories is on canvas. Self-taught in her practice, painting began as an experiment that has evolved into a full-blown passion project and we are big fans. Her work is mature yet accessible with both prints and original artworks available. Adrienne reigns supreme when it comes to moody tones and sophisticated colour combinations. This is seriously grown-up art.  

5/  Coqui Coqui Scented Candle from $75

It's been a few months since we stayed and reviewed the latest addition to the Coqui Coqui family in Mexico for our travel gurus Mr and Mrs Smith. Though my memories are not as fresh as they once were, a quick burn of my Coqui Coqui candle and I am instantly transported back to that divine visit to the Yucatán, surrounded by the heady scents of Coqui Coqui's perfurmerie. Celebrating the lush flora of Mexico's Yucatán region, Coqui Coqui's range of candles are crafted from natural beeswax and local essence, creating a range of light and fresh fragrances. I'm currently burning the Floplum (Jasmine and Orange Blossom) at home. 

6/  The Color Ochre

This is a first for us to name a colour in our Shop_philes, so feel free to send you hate mail to But we couldn't miss a solid shout out to this shade of brilliance as we can't shake it from our minds or our mood-boards. It's earthy yet sophisticated, and complements every neutral - bringing warmth and colour to any space. We are loving this hue in artworks, soft furnishings, upholstery and bedding. It's a colour we foresee sticking around for a few more seasons to come, and in honour of this gloroious shade have a Pinterest Board dedicated to its magic.