Our Tips To Higher Engagement On Posts

As your audience grows it is important to maintain a good rate of engagement as the Instagram algorithm will reward your audience interactions with improved visibility in your follower’s feeds. If someone comments on your photo, click the heart on the right-hand side to show you liked their comment and appreciate them taking the time to engage with your post. Better yet, respond, thank and tag them in a follow up comment – or open up an ongoing conversation to get your engagement rate up. Remember, this is all about humanising your brand so make your followers feel a personal connection with you.

If users tag you in their content, and you have the time – send them a direct message to thank them for the tag, or for using/purchasing/featuring your product or service.

We respond to all comments received on Stylephiles content which takes just a few moments. This small gesture really goes a long way to building your account personality and creating super fans, as we see the same same people return time and time again and they’re always keen to interact.

Your audience will also ask questions for time-to-time and some images will naturally evoke more comments than others. Take the time to give advice and additional information if you are asked for it. Join in the conversation if two users are having an interaction within the comments of your image.

Be social and reward them for taking the time to tag a friend in your image by acknowledging them. This not only rewards your followers, it encourages them (and others) to comment and will boost your engagement rating. There are many accounts out there who just broadcast content and offer no audience interaction. This is very impersonal and has an air of inauthenticity as you don’t know who is behind these accounts, where they’re from and what they’re trying to market.

By calling out your audience by name and engaging with them it goes a very long way to building your brand and voice, and demonstrating the ‘realness’ of your account!

This is a sure fire way to encourage repeat engagement from your fans.

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