Our Road To Building An Influencer Profile On Instagram

Instagram is a well-known platform for ‘Influencers’ and this type of profile can have a lot more depth than you may first think. Being an influencer is essentially being a respected expert in your chosen field; someone the industry and people with the same interest can turn to for content, inspiration and recommendations. 

For us, this wasn’t a status that was hot on our list of Instagram success but over time, we realized it was an important part of building our brand. 

Behind the Stylephiles, there are two of us (Steph & Kaz), and for the longest time, we built our following and content without really injecting our personality into our Instagram page. We started to receive requests for people to meet us, to attend industry events and even sit on a few panels for interior design and styling. We knew the one ingredient missing of our Instagram success was to humanize the Stylephiles and create a deeper connection with our audience. The first thing we did was sit down and discuss what parts of our personality, aesthetic and lives our audience would be most interested in. We didn’t want the page to become a selfie-zone, so we tested content where we could introduce the faces of the Stylephiles. 

If you’re embarking on the same journey, here’s some advice on how to get started. Once you establish your key area of focus or passion, you need to then set the tone for your brand, which is now also you as an Individual. Set boundaries for how much personality you want to share and what parts of your life will become public or remain private. We see lots of brand pages also try to be a personal page where too many family pics are injected and there is a lack of synergy. 

So, you’ve set up your page and established your boundaries – it is now time to build your circle of influence. Think about and spend time curating; who are you following and in what industries, what brands and other influencers are in your network and are they all relevant to your area of expertise. Start searching popular people in your field, industry organizations and brands so you can keep up with relevant news and also show your followers who inspires you. This is important as you’re demonstrating who you consider your peers on Instagram in a public forum, so curate carefully. 

The next thing is to start networking, both online and offline. Start engaging with content, initiating conversations and commenting on content you like so people start to view your profile and become familiar with your name. 

Once you’ve built a following, people will begin to call on you for advice, suggestions and to learn the latest and greatest in the industry. It is here where you have the opportunity to establish relationships with brands and events as an endorser; someone who can communicate their news and products to your audience who have a genuine interest in the topic. 

After five years, we’re in a good place with our Influencer status and get regular requests by brands to help them promote products, events and news. We don’t say yes to everything as our authenticity is the most important thing and we believe, something that sets us apart from some of our industry peers. We endorse what we believe in and only what we know will be of value to our community. 

We dive more into how you can build a profile as an influencer and types of content you can introduce on to your Instagram page in our e-Book. We share our journey to becoming a trusted authority on interior design and travel has led to perks such as free product, free travel and being paid to attend events and review product. 

This eBook is a four-part module and once completed you will be fully equipped with our suite of insights and knowledge. Take your next steps to Instagram success!

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