Open Design Studio: Disrupting Design

We live in the age of disruption – a rollercoaster of flux and change which has given rise to a myriad of exciting digital platforms like Uber, AirBnB and AirTasker; disruptive upstarts who’ve broken down archaic models to refresh their industries with new levels of affordability, accessibility and in the process created a community around them. It was only a matter of time before this fresh approach seeped further afield; cue Interior Design’s turn to get the treatment, all thanks to the ultra affordable (not-to-mention completely genius) online forum: Open Design Studio. And better yet – it’s a success story built right here in our own backyard by Melbourne luxury interior designer Sally Caroline. Kaz x


“Professional interior design services cost what they do simply because it takes time, teams of people and expert skills to resolve projects at a high level. They’re often large-scale projects that demand the collaboration of many trades. An interior designer’s job is not just to design the project, but also oversee and track it's build.

Opting to DIY an interior is a brave and admirable undertaking because it is certainly not easy! There’s a reason why interior designers and architects exist! However, it is not impossible.”

Enter Open Design Studio, the result of Sally's desire to not only strip out the prohibitive costs of accessing design services, but to help demystify the challenges of tackling interiors projects and imparting her wealth of luxury interiors expertise.

The Open Design Studio ethos revolves around ready access to information, content and better yet – access to professional guidance from Sally and her team (FACT!). It’s a thousand shades of amazing and an absolute must-do for anyone starting out on a new project with little or no design experience of their own.

“With Open Design Studio, we’re constantly creating content to make the experience better for our members. That entails video shoots, photo shoots and creating go-to resources like moodboards and furniture packages to help our members breeze through the design stages of their project.

So often we’re talking to members about their fear of making the wrong decisions and the agony of delaying because of it. This often happens around areas of big decisions which are genuinely costly. Most DIYers often realise this only once they’ve sunk their teeth into the process. Things take more time and resources than expected, and their lack of skill and experience starts to show. This would be a lot easier if there were more comprehensive information out there to help them understand the process before they delve into it, and then guide them through step-by-step. That’s what I’ve aimed to create with Open Design Studio!

For some people this fear holds them back from doing anything at all. More so with ODS, we love that we’re educating, empowering and supporting people to master their renovations with the right information.”

From the basics of schematic design and spatial planning through to the specifics of enhancing natural light and creating atmosphere – it’s all in there in simple modules, with fantastic supporting content, supplier lists and a supportive online community to troubleshoot and bounce ideas. And all of this available to access at a fraction of the cost of design or decoration courses (and loose change compared to the price of hiring a high-end pro).

From home-owners and renovators to curious DIY decorators, Open Design Studio offers the ultimate in affordable & accessible design support from one of the industry’s leading creators.

If you're going to be disruptive, then do it with style.