Kate & Kate: A Stylish Duo

As a twin, I have always been drawn to the bond that sisters have and count myself extremely lucky to be part of this group. When I first met Kate Pascoe Squires and Kate Pascoe, to say I was infatuated by their creativity is an understatement. Although sisters through marriage ( this explains why they both have the same name ) I was and still are in aw by the beautiful relationship these women have and the story behind Kate & Kate. Over the past few years, Kaz and I have been watching closely as Kate & Kate has grown from strength to strength showcasing lust worthy items for the home. This season the Kates have collaborated with fellow boss ladies Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke from Sydney design studio Arent & Pyke. Steph x

Tell us a little about the journey from an idea between sisters to conception when launching Kate & Kate?

Kate and I met our manufacturers before we had ever thought about creating Kate & Kate.  It was definitely a cart before the horse situation.  But once the idea was born, Kate & Kate was full steam ahead.  It took us almost a year to bring our first blankets to market, by the time we had sampled, re-designed and sampled again, but that gave us the opportunity to launch properly.  That was around the time homewares as fashion were really taking off and it really was so much fun.

How does it work being located in different states, you're both known to so many as Sydney Kate & Melbourne Kate?

It’s actually easier than it seems.  Kate manages the warehouse and showroom in Melbourne, where as I manage our manufacturers, marketing and PR from Sydney.  We travel a lot between the two states and it also means we are easily able to cover our two biggest wholesale markets in Australia between us.

It also gives us some breathing space – we are not up in each other’s grill every day (although we are always on the phone to each other), so we never have the opportunity to get sick of each other.  It’s a really good scenario.

How did this new collaboration come about with Arent & Pyke?

We had read that the Arent&Pyke girls had an interest in textiles (no surprises there!), so we decided to contact them to see if they’d be interested in a collaboration.  It was completely out of the blue… and we never in 100 years thought they’d say yes!  Even when they agreed, we thought it might be a single blanket or a cushion collaboration.  But to work on a whole collection together really was a dream come true.  We first emailed the girls nearly two years ago now, so it’s been a long time in development, but we couldn’t be more excited about the results.

Your styling is evolving with each campaign, was this something you all worked on as a team?

Absolutely. We spend a lot of time choosing the stylist/creative/photography team to create each campaign.  The choices we make directly reflect the look and feel of each collection.  We knew Carnival would shoot so beautifully as a still life, so Claire Delmar was an obvious choice for us this season.  Claire's work is no less than breath taking and has worked on countless iconic campaigns.

Kate, I know it's hard to choose, but please share with us your favorite item from the collection you are using in your home at the moment?

Kate Pascoe Squires Aka Sydney Kate: My couch has become home to both of the black and white linen cushions we produced as part of the Carnival collection.  The Pom Pom design was hand-drawn and is so striking… it was one of the first samples I brought home and didn’t return.  Alongside the Pom Pom is the Festive Twist Cushion.  This one is a little larger at 58cm square and I just love it.  The hand drawn stripe detail is stunning and would work in almost any interior.  These two are firm favourites for me this winter.


Kate Pascoe Aka Melbourne Kate: I am loving the bold prints this season, teamed with the delicious Joey Leather cushion – it just makes my heart sing. The Pom Pom design is beautifully hand drawn, but still masculine enough to hold its own in my male dominated house. The Joey Cushion is so beautiful in its buttery soft, olive green tone, the perfect addition for the couch or bedroom. There is a different blanket on our couch everyday, today is the Picnic Stripe XL Blanket which is perfect for enhanced coverage and draping!