Inside Look: Tribe & Co Living

I first met Cassandra from Tribe & Co Living in Sydney, 2014 when I was buying homewares for a showroom in Bronte. I was continually searching for unique handcrafted products that were made with authenticity and celebrated traditional design techniques native to the origin of the product. As we sprawled out in a sea of knitted Argentinian wool throws and hand stitched linen cushions I knew this was the beginning of something special. I immediately begin working on the narrative I would tell my husband when I came home with more things from work for our then, small studio apartment in Rose Bay.

There are certain weak spots for me when it comes to homewares and interiors. Every range from Tribe & Co Living hits many of these making this brand irresistibly lust worthy and a favourite of both mine and Kaz's.

With a new website ready to explore, we sat down with Cassandra to learn all about her latest range, what inspires her and how she consistently curates the most beautiful collection of soft furnishings from her favorite travel destination - Argentina.

Cassandra first travelled to Argentina in the summer of 2011. Young and adventures, she set out to climb the mountain Mt Aconcagua. On this trip she quickly fell in love with the breathtaking landscape, people and the alluring culture of this exotic land. Eager to return, six months later she starting exploring more areas discovering the unique beauty of the local artisanal products. Spending time emerging herself and living in country argentina, she found a few incredible artists and has been working with them ever since. Steph x

My design approach when creating products for Tribe & Co Living is to work closely with Argentinian artisans who are passionate about the fibers and the local weaving/knitting traditions. These makers have a very unique and beautiful style that I have never seen anywhere else in the world and my goal is to uncover and share the beauty of this ancient craft. We work closely on colour selections inspired by the surrounding landscape and new ideas that I think would work well for the Australian market.

We have been greatly supported and embraced by the Australian design community and as part of our range, produce bespoke products exclusive for some key retailers.

Australia has its very own individual style and it’s really nice to be able to combine our inherent relaxed aesthetic with a treasured craft from South America.

One of the reasons I was so attracted to these products is I feel in love with the organic and tactile nature of the wool and linen fibers used to create these exquisite homewares.  A lot of time is taken sourcing the best fibres, from the highest-grade wools, linens, cottons and lovely raw silks. The combination of quality fibres and traditional weaving techniques allows the product to not only be aesthetically different and unique but also a high quality product for todays homes.

When starting Tribe & Co Living I drew inspiration from the beauty of nature and my treasured travels. Every trip I take, I am always absorbing in the various colour palettes of the surrounding scenery and the local art trends of the communities.

And finally Cassandra, tell us your top tips for traveling to Argentina?

Allow yourself enough time! It’s a big country and it deserves to be explored fully to really appreciate the people and the diverse culture. Make sure to spend enough time just being a local in Buenos Aires and explore Patagonia and all the vast countryside the region has to offer. For the loves of great wine, head to Mendoza to relax and enjoy my favorite red wine – Malbec.

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