Healthy Home, Healthy You: Georgia Ezra

The love and admiration I have for interior designer, friend and now published author Georgia Ezra has from day one, been bountiful and overwhelming. This is a woman who’s passion for design and a healthy home has been a constant inspiration for me since the day we meet, one chilly morning in Melbourne. Sitting down to a breakfast catch up with a group of interior designers, Georgia and I were immediately drawn to each other and had no idea at the time, this meeting of the minds would turn into an impromptu family reunion.

Related by marriage, I am lucky enough to not only call Georgia my friend, my colleague but also - my cousin.

After giving birth to her beautiful son Jesse last year, Georgia was inspired by this new chapter to write and self publish her first book that will guide you and your home out of clutter and welcome a positive change in your life.While Georgia settles into motherhood, she also maintains her successful interior design business GABBE in Melbourne and designs and distributed Tilesofezra ( handmade Moroccan tiles available worldwide ) and pioneered the design of a unique furniture line - Caja.

Here is a little insight into Georgia’s story on how she was inspired to share her learnings and guide others to find peace and happiness in their home. Steph x


Georgia, tell us a little bit about the past 6 months and how your life has changed since becoming a mother and what inspired you to start penning your thoughts on how our surroundings affect our emotional wellbeing?

The past six months have been a massive learning curve as well as incredible adventure for me. I made the very hard decision to step back from GABBE, my interior design studio, so that I could have some real time and what I call ‘emotional freedom’ from my full time job, whilst caring for my first child.

I love my job and I love my clients, but deep down I had an underlying dream that always got put to the side due to time restraints with running three small businesses simultaneously.

This time off was tremendously vital for me to get pen to paper and start scribbling down all of my ideologies which have been so relevant to my life as well as my deign processes with my clients.

I dedicated my book to my son Jesse Aaron Morris. Jesse gave me the permission to listen to myself, go for my dreams and live the healthiest version of my life.

In my new book I write; There is so much truth in my dedication. The space I gave myself as well as bringing my beautiful son in my life put so much into perspective and allowed me to fully explore some long time passions.

Back in 2015 Richie and I were living in an apartment which affected our emotional and physical health/ well being. The apartment was south facing and sandwiched between two very tall buildings. The space was always cold and dark, the apartment was ridden with rising damp, mold started growing on our clothes and you could smell the bacteria in the air. Our lives were affected in so many ways during this period. My first hand experiences lead me to this powerful knowledge that we hold yet completely underestimate. The more and more I thought, lived, experiences, listened, heard and looked around me, the greater I realized how intrinsically connected our mental wellbeing was to our home. Three months of pen to paper I now have a self published book ” A Healthy Home A Healthy you

What are some easy steps for someone to get started on de-cluttering from for someone who finds this task overwhelming?

'A Healthy Home, A Healthy You’ provides step by step action worksheets , I pose questions which dig deep so that we can all identify what is stopping us from keeping a constantly comfortable and organized home. The main issue for most of us is that when we look back on all the years of de-cluttering, culling and organizing we need to face it becomes so overwhelming it is extremely difficult to cope with, ultimately resulting in procrastination and anxiety- cue running away, eating or doing anything BUT de-cluttering.

My tip is to attend to one thing at a time.. Identify the cluttered and problem areas but only face one thing at a time. Once you start it will propel you to face the next area and then the next and before you know it you will be stuck right in and will be addicted to the activity!

Here is a snippet from my book: This very same concept is applicable to our homes and our minds. We are zapping up our bag of positive energy when we encounter visual noise throughout our home. Sometimes, there is so much clutter in our homes that its easier to just close that door and walk away!

Get rid of visual noise and space audit. This very same concept is applicable to our homes and our minds. We are zapping up our bag of positive energy when we encounter visual noise throughout our home. Sometimes, there is so much clutter in our homes that its easier to just close that door and walk away!

Visual noise can come in many forms:

  • Hanging frames
  • Sorting out paper work
  • Re-doing bathroom
  • De-cluttering the bookshelf
  • Painting a wall
  • Clearing out your pantry

If we don’t identify and attend to those items they add to our pile and in result continue to stress and irritate us, and this can be toxic to creating a perfect relaxing space that we deserve to call our abode. If you are screaming hell yes! Lets make a decision together to commit to your change and now is your time.


Get Rid of the Junk Drawer! You know you have one. We all have at least one drawer or cupboard to shove the pile of ‘I don’t have a category’ stu into...or ‘ I cant be bothered putting you away’ stu into! Well it is time to get rid of these for good! “Mind clutter creates cynicism,self doubt, procrastination, self sabotage, worry, and fear based thinking. Start today and detoxify your mind and your home of visual noise.”

Natural light is so important for a healthy home, what are some tips for this that are struggling with having limited natural light in their home? 

Without natural light a room will appear to be dark and moody, which in some instances serves a purpose, however natural sunlight causes our brain to release a hormone called Serotonin – this being the happy hormone and feel good neurotransmitter – so this means that without sunlight in our homes we are in fact exposing our selves to the risk of depression, anxiety and an array of other yucky symptoms. I think Natural light is always the best source in all circumstances within our offices, homes and interior spaces. Our bodies respond to it in such a positive way and we need natural daylight to function, just as we need darkness to help us go to sleep. It goes further than just aesthetics and more so about what our bodies respond to and need for the benefit of our emotional health and wellbeing

When introducing light and airy colours you completely change the mood of the home to a clear clean bright and uplifting space.

  • Open the blinds and let some natural light and fresh airflow throughout your home every day
  • Introduce Large mirrors which bounce the light around the room
  • Style and accessorize with neutral and lighter colours
  • Paint your ceiling a shade lighter than the walls to make the ceiling height look taller
  • De-clutter and remove as much as you can from shelving and walls

The 101 on Serotonin. Serotonin in the brain is cause to regulate ones libido, sleep, memory concentration, learning and regulation of our mood!

Kaz and I both love using natural fibers in both our homes and design projects and believe this contributes to a healthy home. Are there any fibers/brands you particularly love and use?

I couldn’t agree more, I always say that our sense of touch is our primal need to relate to our surroundings in a fundamental and direct form. One of the first things we learn to do as a newborn is to explore our sense of touch. Having a young baby I am always giving Jesse textural objects to discover. In fact every morning the two of us venture to the garden where we go through all the different plants and flowers and touch them together. The simple joys of life.

This journeying continues throughout our existence but in a far more subconscious manner. The surest way to create a tactile interior is through texture, the surface quality of things.

I love to buy and collect hand-printed and woven fabrics from wherever I journey to throughout the world. I have bed covers rom Mexico and Bali, hand embroidered wall hangings from Guatemala and Nicaragua, pillows from Morocco, and hand knitted macramé made right here in Melbourne!

I love Linen, anything and everything that is linen… my curtains are sheer linen, my bed covers are linen from INBED right here in Australia as well as Restoration Hardware in the states. These two stores and brands are my go to places to find the best and most luxurious as well as accessible linen options... I even have linen shower curtains and hand towels from Restoration Hardware, which I absolutely love!!  Bring in natural fibers like rattan is hugely important to me! We integrated cane into all of our joinery within our bedroom and kitchen/living, we also have loads of hand-woven baskets to put Jesse’s toys in and as decoration.

Cavalier Bremworth do a stunning 100% wool carpet range all made in New Zealand, we used their carpet and converted into a rug for Jesses nursery.

I am also a massive fan of Armadillo & Co for natural 100% handmade rugs. I use their producst in so many of my interior jobs for quite a few reasons. Not only are their products stunning, timeless and elegant but also because the rugs are handmade and support local communities.

As the director of Tilesofezra which has a range of handmade tiles, I strongly align myself with this ideology, knowing full well that when I place an order with my factory in Morocco I am sustaining a craftsmanship and a tradition, one that has been passed on from one father to his son and so on/so forth for centuries. I believe that anything handmade touches our subconscious in a way that the mass produced cannot, and so all of these natural fibers and beautifully curated lines of product which celebrate this notion is something that strongly resonates with me and which I love to support.

Without an array of textures in our immediate surroundings our homes become sterile and one-dimensional. We need to integrate visual and textural layers to ignite the conscious and subconscious brain and connect us with our inner child. Anything that has been made by hand by another individual across the globe is so good for the soul. It is this is special and humbling binding villages or individuals across the world to you and to your home.

Tell us three rituals you can’t live without in your life for the morning and evening? 

Morning: I am entirely devoted to my body and my mind and making sure that in the first hour of my day everything starts with a positive. Normally Jesse wakes up at 6am so he comes to snuggle in bed with me where I am spoilt with cuddles laughs and giggles. The minute we are up I quickly make my bed. No matter what my bed is made within the first hour of my day. If my bed is not made I feel scattered disorganized, messy and overall I am not propelled into my day in the most positive manner then when it is.

I pop on the diffuser in my kitchen, every day the scent is different, but today was lemongrass, eucalyptus and wild orange. You see our sense of smell is massively underestimated. What we smell can completely trigger the way that we feel and ultimately effect our thoughts, which effect our emotions and therefore our energy. Aromatherapy is fascinating, I am no expert but I know enough to passionately vogue for the fact that scent can have an incredible impact on our mood, our emotional wellbeing and our health. So I take advantage daily and make this part of my morning ritual to ensure that there is productivity and energy in the way I face the morning.

I boil the kettle and pour myself hot lemon water. I am very lucky that I don’t have issues with my gut or stomach but I care very much about my health in terms of food and the one thing that I know is very beneficial to do is to have a glass of hot water with lemon every morning before eating breakfast, so I treat my body to this.

Evening: Richie and I love to cook together, every night we put Jesse to sleep and then straight away one of us is chopping up some vegies in the kitchen. A sit down meal is extremely important to us, we have a small veggie patch in which we grow Kale, silver beet, and an array of other herbs. So every night we pick something from our garden. I think this always grounds us and makes us mindful of where our food comes from which is so easy to forget nowadays with readily accessible product nicely package and washed!

As my days are generally filled with a mixture of meetings, phone calls, emails to attend to and an 8 month old, nights are really the only moment I get to sit down properly take a breath and get my thoughts together before the next day. Once I have finished doing my writing or last minute emails and work I make it a ritual to take a nice warm shower and put lavender oil drops in the corner…this is so relaxing and I look forward to it every night. Lights are always dimmed in the bedroom and we have side pendants from India which when turned on create an extremely moody and relaxing space.

I like to crawl into bed with a herbal tea (maybe even a dessert who am I kidding I have dessert every night!), and my Ipad or a book to relax and wind down at the moment I am watching ‘Girls’ and I am hooked, tea in hand, a baby asleep and the lights dimmed low. It’s a moment that I enjoy every evening.

A Healthy Home A Healthy you - What's inside?

  • A downloadable e-Book full of inspiring stories and information designed to help inspire A Healthy Home, A Healthy You including modules on Liberating the Mind, Manifesting Your Space, Life and Reality and The Senses
  • Enjoy the journey of learning about yourself page by page and get straight to the source of what’s stopping you from creating the home that you ultimately desire
  • Customised worksheets and tips that give you the tools to make these necessary actions stick!