How To Establish Brand Partnerships To Sell Product & Reach New Audiences

A great strategy to reach new audiences and sell more of your product using Instagram is to get more involved and connected within your Instagram community by creating brand and influencer partnerships. These partnerships expose your brand to new audience and a new pool of customers. Ways to partner can be as basic as a content-sharing arrangement, contra (exchange of services or product with a cash exchange), or more expert-focused content such as advice or even a product/service agreements. These partnerships allow you to reach another brand’s customer base through their social platform and opens doors to establish new rewarding business relationships. Each partnership agreement will differ and have a different return on investment.

A rewarding well planned and executed partnership between brands or with an influencer can be as straight forward as donating product in return for a specific amount of press or something more intricate such as a content preview agreement. Example: “We are so excited to share the latest project with you! We previewed an exclusive sneak peek last week with our friends over at @username. Check out the whole project on our website, link in profile. “

These social agreements can also be as complex as a full tier of press spread across your feed, stories and supporting socials/ blog etc.

How to kick it off? Make a hit list of industry peers or influencers you would like to work with (aim for brands with a slightly larger following than yours to maximise your potential follower growth) and highlight what kind of social partnership you believe would suit both parties.

Create an objective for your partnership to keep you on track. Examples of clear partnership objectives are:

  • Create more brand awareness
  • Increase your Instagram following in a particular segment
  • Drive more unique traffic to your website
  • Promote a sale or product/ service special
  • Elevate your brands profile by association  

Our Journey. We reach out to a spread of design and travel brands, fellow influencers, bloggers, creatives and publishers regularly to keep a steady flow of cross-promotional opportunities peppered into our content strategy. 

We find the best approach is to open the line of conversation within Instagram. As you know the person checking the direct messages is likely to be either the influencer themselves, the business owner or social media manager. It’s much more personal than an “info@....” email address for when you don’t have a direct contact! As soon as you have a conversation going, we would then move the conversation to email to formalise the arrangement. 

We put forward a developed campaign/competition/takeover idea with all the specifics predetermined (duration, number of posts, copy) and take it from there.

In Part 3 of our eBook we take you through six different ways to partner with people on Instagram as well as in depth look at running a successful completion through your IG platform. 

This eBook is a four-part module and once completed you will be fully equipped with our suite of insights and knowledge. Take your next steps to Instagram success!

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