Emerging Australian Artists You Need To Know


As we’ve slowly but steadily evolved our homes, both Steph and I have become focused on more permanence in our buying choices. Less disposability, buying right and buying once... easier said than done as the temptations of seasonal trends are always luring us in the peripheral! But the one thing which we’ve both really honed focus on in the past couple of years is the art we choose to display at home. Moving away from art just for the sake of a suitable colour palette, we have instead been investing both emotion and thought into what we’re acquiring.

There is little you can add to a room to bring more character and personality than through the art you collect, and knowing that you’ve made a lifelong purchase and supported someone’s career along the way is all kinds of warm and fuzzy. What a lovely thing that down the track you’ve created a beautiful and meaningful collection of works that will one day become precious family heirlooms - regardless of their fiscal value.

This year I commissioned my first artworks - with my biggest investment to date (and most prized possession!) in the form of a huge earthy abstract from the divine Carly Williams, quickly followed by a pair of commissions from Angus Martin who I discovered while trawling through Bluethumb (the customer service team can facilitate the whole commission process for you!).

My other major art acquisition this year was the beautiful Water People by Tony Belobradjic - pictured here hanging above the bed in our Master. It’s such a nice change from the many abstracts I have at home, I love how he captures dappled light, water and flesh, this painting bottles the feeling of Sydney summertimes, jumping into the harbour! I love it so much.

Since then I have been fixated on trying to collect some smaller pieces to create a gallery wall, my search led me back to Bluethumb every time, as they have such an enormous catalogue of artwork for sale allowing you to search thousands of originals with handy filters like size/colour/medium. My so called “short” list has close to 50 paintings saved in it… not doing so well with being decisive!

With such a huge volume of works on the site It does take a little time to pore over everything and find the pieces which speak to you.  Given i’ve spent so much time on there already, I thought I’d save you the trouble and share my current Top 5 artists on the site! I recommend starting your own shortlist so you can start to get a feel for your favourite pieces and get your very own art collection underway.

Kaz x


Dinah draws inspiration from the landscape around her, focusing on an abstract expression of colour and form. Her latest works continue the theme of abstract landscapes, inspired by the natural beauty of the area and are fluid and organic creating a sense of peace, tranquility and space. I absolutely adore the blue tones, earthiness and organic feel of Dinah’s paintings.

All of Angus’ work centres around capturing the feelings and emotions that arise from love and relationships, along with using colours which hold powerful meaning to strengthen the intent behind each piece. All work has a goal of initiating an emotional response, which he hopes the viewer can relate to their own experiences. I was drawn to the intimacy of Angus’ work with the intertwining of characters, as well as the perfect colour palettes he works within.

Lauren is drawn to her natural surrounds - clouds, the Otways and the Surf Coast coastline in Victoria, and her works become a translation of those mental images to canvas. Often influenced by emotion and the impact that the weather has had, slowly landscapes unfold in a vast array of colours, layer upon layer. In Lauren’s own words “It’s deeply satisfying and exciting to stand back and observe what has just come through me onto the canvas. As a result… my health and more importantly happiness has been brought back into balance through my art.”

Flora and Fauna are always a focus of inspiration to Marinka, taking in their colour, movement and texture. Parnham’s work has continually evolved and her newest collection resonates well with modern interiors adding bold pops of colour and an energetic vibrancy to any space they occupy. Parnham herself says, “I am continually inspired by colours, pattern, movement and nature. I see everyday objects and how they can be translated and transformed into captured moments in hanging art.

Originally from the UK, Brenda lived on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza for many years before moving to Australia in 2015, taking up residence along the Mornington Peninsula and more recently the Victorian countryside in the iconic town of Warburton, surrounded by rainforest, mountains and rivers. The influence of her natural surrounds and affinity for water and coastline are evident in the beautiful flow and palettes of her work to date. With the more recent move to the country we’re excited to see Brenda’s work continue to evolve with a new canvas of inspiration!