Edit 5+ Top Lighting Tips From Adelaide Bragg

Lighting can be the most difficult thing to nail in your home… just ask Steph and I, who together have lost months of our lives trawling around for the perfect wall shades, pendants and bed lamps. It’s one of those ‘can’t quite put your finger on it’ elements which can either make or break a space. 

Lighting affects everything from your mood to the way you utilise a room, so it’s imperative to make sure you’ve thought about it thoroughly!

To help us all along in the quest toward to perfect enlightenment, we tapped lighting savant, interior designer and lamp authority Adelaide Bragg for her expert illuminating tips. We suggest you print, laminate and study this essential list and save yourself the hours that Steph and I lost along the way!

Kaz x

LAMPS. I  always use lamp light within a room as it is a much softer look, creates shadows and is more flattering! (Ahem - see the image above for Adelaide's very own gorgeous blue ceramic lamps from her new range). Overhead light can be harsh and bright and doesn't allow for a mood to be created or a softening of a space. Often I use lamps to define certain spaces within a room and bring an area or piece of furniture to focus. We also use pairs of lamps to add symmetry, for example either side of a fireplace or either end of a sofa. They create good balance to a room. I have a tendency to under light rooms and often my family complain they can’t see what's on their plate!

CERAMICS. It came to a point where we could not find the lamps we wanted, either in shape, scale or colour hence Bragg&Co was created. We created the Classic Range which has the earthy tones of caramel, olive, tortoishell and cream which we often use when we use a more muted colour scheme or want the lights to add interest but in a subtle way. The Pop range was created for the opposite reason and to add drama, to add a splash of colour and to surprise. Lamps are a great way to add colour to a room without overdoing it or adding too much.The Bragg &Co lamps have a high gloss finish which I love as there is a depth of colour and they add a little bit of glamour and also a contrast between other materials used. I like the thought of them looking like a jewel within the room

VARIETY. We use a large variety of lighting within our work. This can be with the use of chandeliers and lanterns, both modern and contemporary hanging centered or over benches within a room or kitchen, standard lamps to add height especially in corners or tricky spaces, the use large over scaled table lamps to add drama and help add scale to a room, lamps made out of quirky items such as baskets and ceramics or just a practical reading light next to a chair. We try and vary the finishes to add interest and layering to a room or space. This can be as diverse as a painted or natural wood, sparkling glass and coloured ceramics, really anything is possible.

LAMPSHADES. Lampshades can make something quite ordinary really interesting and wonderful. They can add that little bit of colour clash or interest which a room often needs or they can change the scale and add a little bit of whimsy. The lampshades can be changed often to create a new look and they can also vary in shape, size, and material. We often use bonded fabric shades but also like card, fabric or even silk with gathers or pleats. I think pleats are coming back into fashion, the UK showrooms are full of them, especially using ikat fabrics. Trims can also be used to add detail.

DOWNLIGHTS. Don't overdo the down lights... I do think they are necessary as they add that overall light which everyday living needs especially on a dull day but often we see row after row of them, looking like an airport runway! Just place them where they are needed and always put them on dimmers, that way you can control the strength of light. I also always suggest a warm bulb for downlights.

PS - BULBS. We always specify a 'Warm' bulb as opposed to the White Bulbs. The white light bulbs tend to throw a blue hue and this can make a room feel very cold and fridge like! The warm bulbs give a more realistic natural colour.

Be sure to check out Bragg & Co’s GORGEOUS range of china lamps, in an array of amazing colours and three perfectly classic shapes. We couldn’t go past the Tortoise shell finish!