Edit 5+ Mykonos, Greece

It’s been over a decade since I last visited Mykonos and this little Grecian island has changed so much - along with my travel habits. My sister Jess and I didn’t want to plan too much while we were there as sometimes over planning can interrupt one’s desire for pure relaxation. This list is brief, yet brilliant and we would do it all over again. These tips are a must do for anyone who gets as much pleasure from a belly full of freshly made pastries as they an impeccable boutique hotel stay.

Steph x

STAY We turned to none other then the travel experts at Mr & Mrs Smith to lead us in the right direction for our accommodation. We wanted somewhere quiet, stylish and walking distance from a beach with a view that is so spectacular it hurts. We choose the Grace Mykonos, a boutique stay with flawless service and recognized as a design hotel since its inception in 2007 - winning the prestigious European Hotel Design Award. This is the ideal beachside hideaway for anyone who wants a little pampering, a little privacy and to be bathed in indulgence. At this stylish sanctuary, you’ll sleep in the pristine white-on-white rooms and dine at their outstanding restaurant that wraps around the pool. With views of the azure Aegean sea, we spent our afternoons sipping on champagne by the waters edge and napping on our private day-bed in between chapters of our holiday reading. We would stay here again in a heartbeat and if you don’t get the chance to spend a few nights here, it’s worth visiting for a sunset dinner. This hotel will have you feeling like you are the most special guest they have ever hosted.

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DINE Heading out for dinner across the Island can be a bit of effort at the end of a long day in the sun but oh-my did this place make it worth it. In the beautiful cove of Agia Anna, peacefully nestled on a natural platform of rocks, hanging over the sea is Spilia Restaurant. This was one of the restaurants that was featured on every must visit list we researched and is an iconic Mykonos hotspot. The location is spectacular and we were lucky enough to make it just in time for sunset as we explored the grounds before heading down to the lapping water. Dine on a menu of authentic Mediterranean-Mykonian cuisine with seafood and fresh fish served straight from the sea and urchins from a small natural pool in the restaurant.

TREAT With Jess and I both having a sweet tooth and a deep love of baking, this was an unexpected find and a recommendation from our lovely hosts at The Grace. This incredible local bakery Kousrsothauossis is located in the heart of the old town - Ano Mera village. Greek donuts and baklava lined the pastry cabinets and Nutella filled cakes adorned the counter top dangerously at eye level. This sweet spot is worth visiting on an empty stomach.

SHOP I like to do a little research before a trip but in terms of having a few shops to visit I had none on my hit list for this trip. After a few days in Mykonos one shop kept coming up in conversation to visit - Pinelies. A shop that has been around for over 25 years that embodies the essence of relaxed island style. At Pinelies you’ll find a mix of products from around the world with a strong focus on the promotion of local artists and producers. Within 5 mins of crossing the threshold to this shop it had me fantasizing what my own Greek villa would look like - white stucco walls, S fold linen curtains with a garden full of fig trees. The website is a shadow of the actual store so please don’t get disheartened - trust us that it is worth the visit. 

SWIM One of the best spots we spent by the beach was at Sostis beach. Right down the hill from Kiki’s Tavern (you’ll wait forever, the location is stunning and the food is average ). This sandy haven is located on the northern part of the island, away from the centre remaining unspoiled and uncrowded. It’s mostly tourist-free and the only noise you hear is that of the water and birds. If you want to head to a beach club or are looking for a swag of day beds and table service - this is not for you. Try Ornos beach instead where Pasaji beach club is.