Meet The Designer: Anna Spiro

As a first time young homeowner forging my own clumsy colourful style, stumbling across Absolutely Beautiful Things a number of years ago was an Alice in Wonderland trip down the rabbit hole for me - here was the mind of colour wrangler extraordinaire Anna Spiro playing out in a continuous stream of beautiful consciousness. And scroll I did, losing hours at a time absorbing her technicolour musings, dreamy interiors projects and glimpses into her breathtaking store Black + Spiro.

Fast-forward to today, and I’m out of the rabbit hole and going Beyond the Looking Glass - in this parallel universe Anna stands before me at the launch her latest brand extension Anna Spiro Textiles. Kaz x


The pedestal of style that I’d always held Anna upon was only amplified - statuesque, raven haired and bedecked à la Sound of Music in a custom made cornflower blue maxi (drapery linen of course, not that you’d know!). And like any creation that met her deft hand she is a celebration of colour and individuality. The same can be said of Anna’s S/S2016 range of fabrics, Lanikai, inspired by travels to Hawaii, seascapes & summer memories. The expansive range fits perfectly with her “mix everything, match nothing” style for which she is globally lauded, and as expected, the boutique range has been created with an artisnal degree of care - hand printed on beautiful Belgian linen right here in NSW.

Given the many plates she’s already spinning - interior designer, shop owner, textile developer, blogger - it’s amazing that she can find a spare minute to fit in developing such an expansive range - when quizzed on how she does it?

First and foremost, I’m an Interior Designer and the textiles are a new venture with my brother, Sam Spiro.  I do juggle a lot in a day but I’ve always done that.  I come from a family that has always worked very hard.  My parents are still working in their family business and they have instilled in my brothers and I a very strong work ethic.  I think that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and also have a strong team of organized, hard-working people behind you.  I have a wonderful team of 6 girls and I really couldn’t do what I do without them.”

This solid work ethic is apparent in all that she does - I studied it first hand with a stay at her recent commercial project for Halcyon House, the Hamptons-meets-Sorrento beachside beauty which is Anna from top to toe. With every room a unique cornucopia of colour, pattern and vintage finds… it’s a wonder that she knows when the end point has been reached.

“I think it is something that comes instinctively and if you are good at what you do then you know when to stop and when to keep going.  It’s a very hard thing to try to explain.  In my own way I balance out the colour, the patterns, the textures and it’s always important to throw in the element of grounding when you are using bright colour and pattern.  By using brown or natural in a brightly coloured room you bring the room back down and give it some strength and sophistication. Halcyon House really was a dream project for me.  The clients were amazing and did give me free reign and completely trusted my vision for the project.   I worked on the project for 2 ½ years.  Throughout that time, we collected all the old pieces of furniture, art, lamps etc. and also visited the Brimfield Antique Fair in Massachusetts which was an amazing experience.  We filled two container loads full of furniture, artwork, collectibles etc. for the hotel. The hotel is a true representation of my style and I’m so proud of what I helped create there.”

And for those mere enthusiasts like me playing at home - whilst we may never channel Anna's innate sensibility when it comes to mixing and mismatching, she has a few little takeaways to live by:

“Buy Once, Buy Well - that’s a bit of a mantra of mine.  I am all about quality and bespoke and having things that are unique and custom made.  I definitely think collecting antique furniture and having beautiful fabrics on sofas and armchairs, lampshades and cushions can make a very big difference to a home.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel a cushion overhaul coming along.

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Paper Daisy Restaurant @ Halcyon House. Image (c) The Stylephiles
Paper Daisy Restaurant @ Halcyon House. Image (c) The Stylephiles
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