Behind The Scenes : Steph's Home Tour


A few months back I finally got my act together and set a date for Apartment Therapy to come and visit our little 55 square metre Brooklyn home. 

With so many little things to finish it was great to have a date in the diary that I needed to work towards. When working on someone else’s project I am very clear on what I think will work best for the space and exercise my divisiveness without hesitation. When it comes to our home I love to keep things fluid, I change furniture and art around regularly and my thoughts are almost always sandwiched between almost done and wanting to try things differently. 

When preparing for this shoot a few tips and tricks I always put in practice are:

1/ Floral and Greenery. This is probably the most important element that brings your shoot to life. I made a trip to the Chelsea Flower Markets the morning before the shoot with a wallet full of cash ready to get my hands on the freshest most picture perfect petals. I pre measured and noted down the vessels at home that I wanted to use to make sure I was collecting items that works well with what I had. I did a quick wiz around my three favorite stores then went back and made my selections. Something unexpected always makes it’s way into my basket and this time it was a huge succulent head that I pictured sitting pretty on its own in a nice bowl.

2/ A Second ( and sometimes third ) Pair of Hands. I think styling a shoot by yourself would be next to impossible. Not only did I need help moving some furniture out of our apartment, but I wanted to swap our rugs around and this does take three people. My Husband Chris was on call to help move the heavy things and I enlisted my talented friend and ex- florist Emma to assist on the day. She wanted some more experience and I needed the help so it worked perfectly.

3/ Clean Angles. When it comes to shooting an interior space its all very straight up and down. No angles, no corners just clean straight images. This can be hard if you have any curved or uneven walls. Shoot with the lamps turned off as lamp light makes the image too warm and my aim is to always have the image looking as bright and white as possible. 

4/ Shoot List. I am very organized on shoot days and love to have a run sheet and shoot list that is very detailed. I list the rooms and set ups I want to shoot in order of what will work best on the day. Most often, I shoot a space in two versions to make sure I have options when selecting our final images. I used to style homes for sale and learnt very quickly how to maximize a photographers time and be very quick when changing up a shot.  

To check out the full home tour and all the imagery including where to shop our home look. READ the Apartment Therapy post. Imagery captured by the talented Judith Rae.

Steph x