Shoot Day: Tigmi Trading

Tigmi Trading is the creative love child and modern day romance between Danielle McEwen and her beloved Morocco. Danielle has been travelling to Morocco and sourcing incredible hand crafted products for over a decade and in the past year has taken this true passion and turned it into a successful business. 

The main ethos and mantra behind Tigmi Trading's edit of unique pieces is that every item is hand selected by Danielle with love and care - this often makes parting with these items extremely hard. 

Its clear to us that Danielle has a natural talent for sourcing and can be thrown into any foreign souk and select special pieces that translate her passion and the love she holds for hand crafted artesian products.

With a new collection ready to show off, we sat down with Dani to learn all about her latest range, what inspires her and how she consistently produces the most incredible imagery on her photo shoots. Steph x


Tell us a little about Tigmi Trading and how you got started?

I fell in love with Morocco, the people, landscape and their incredible artisanal skills after my first visit over a decade ago. The idea to bring back some of these beautiful & unique pieces of functional art was born so long ago but I only found the space and time to commit to this project in the last year or so. Timing is everything when starting any type of business and I'm defiantly enjoying all the learnings along the way. 

Talk us through the inspiration behind your latest range and your sourcing method ..

The pieces I source generally directs the inspiration for my range, however I do find myself being drawn to certain colours and textures. Right now it’s all about the deep blues and soft earthy pinks. I'm obsessed with finding the right pieces in colours & textures I am immediately drawn to. The sourcing is the biggest challenge yet the most rewarding part of my job! Sourcing is very personal and a process you cant rush.

Please give us an insight into what it takes to plan a shoot like this and how did you find this stunning Australian location? 

When planning a photo shoot, I generally have a good idea of what sort of direction I want the shoot to go, based on a certain aesthetic that I have in mind for the collection. The past few times the location has lead the look and feel for the shoot. I was very lucky to be introduced to the current campaign location in the Hinterlands of Australia's Byron Bay by my photographer, Alicia Taylor. This home belongs to the incredibly talented artist Genola De Jong and was the most perfect location to shoot my latest collection. It will be a hard one to beat!

What does your photo shoot day entail and who is involved?

Shoot days usually require a lot of heavy lifting, getting the rugs into our shoot space. Then it’s a case of laying everything out so we can see all our product so we can grab it easily. The team on the day consists of our photographer, someone to assist me with the product and in the past I have used a stylist. I generally have the day mapped out with a detailed plan of what rugs and pieces I want to use in each shot. Having a good shoot plan takes some pressure off from the actual shoot day.

Although as luck would have it, when you are surrounded by natural beauty, creatives and stunning product there are always those delightful unexpected moments that are born - we just need to make sure we capture them! These moments are often the best imagery of the day.

Tell us more about your personal interiors style.. 

My personal interiors style is an eclectic mix of things that I have picked up on my travels, inherited pieces and modern design classics. I'm always drawn to things that are considered in their design, add warmth, tell a story & have oodles character.  I don’t like things to feel to contrived and overly styled. I like my home to feel comfortable and livable with the space & people within it speaking louder than the individual pieces that form them.