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Both Kaz and I are big fans of Bali, Indonesia and we like to travel often to explore the cliffs of Uluwatu, the latest restaurant in Seminyak and spa ourselves in pure indulgence in the hills of Uluwatu. Our friend and Stylephile, the fabulous Sheila from Bali Interiors is our go to guide for the latest and greatest things to explore and inspire us. Bali Interiors is an Interior Design website and insta feed dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary interior design and architecture found on the Island of the Gods. With Kaz and I both planning trips to this magical island this year we had @baliinteriors let us in on the best new hot spots in Canggu. Located just north of Seminyak, this Edit 5+ has been written and curated by our friends and inspiration: http://www.bali-interiors.com. Steph x

Only a few years ago, Canggu was a sleepy village with empty beaches, great surf and not much more. Now it’s the place to be. With the newest restaurants opening up here and shops, spas and hotels popping up everywhere, this sleepy community has the perfect balance of surfy island vibe and a large range of fantastic bars and restaurants. There’s no need to head into Seminyak if you want to go out. Canggu can stand on its own two feet, and once you visit you wont want to leave!

Eat: The Shady Shack. I visited The Shady Shack the week it opened and I knew this place was going to become a favourite. Turns out I wasn’t the only one! The open and breezy mostly outdoor restaurant is beautiful to spend the mornings eating yummy food, having a smoothie in the afternoon or even a romantic dinner.

The décor is bohemian and a bit eclectic. Gorgeous peacock rattan chairs, antique wooden doors as tables, gorgeous pot plants everywhere and straw roofs decorate the restaurant. One thing is for sure, you really know you are in Canggu when you dine here.

The eatery is completely vegetarian, but don’t be discouraged if you're a meat lover. Their food will make you forget meat exists and fill you up with the most nourishing and delicious plates of plant based goodness.

Order: The Haloumi Bowl, The Shack Attack Burger, The Protein Bowl, The Avo Toast and the Choctaws Smoothie or Berry Smoothie.

Pamper Session: Maria Curau is a Spa overlooking the rice paddies in Perenenan. I met the owner Tatiane a while back when she just opened her nail spa, which by the way is the only vegan nail spa in Bali. Tatiane’s bubly and attentive personality is infused in her store. This place is not for a quick nail job. You come to Maria Curau to unwind and relax. While your nails are being cared for, you also receive an amazing shoulder massage to de-stress and indulge in a unique spa experience whilst sipping on a glass of home brewed Kamboocha.

This spa is decorated with gorgeous white rattan sofa chairs, white hammocks and big comfy sofas. Maria Curau is a bit of a secret that only locals know about... until now :) This place is absolute Heaven!

Treat yourself to: A Coconut Pedicure Bath

Stay: Fella Villas is probably one of the coolest villas you could stay in while in Canggu. Run by the Fella Swim team, they have nailed the design, aesthetic and vibe. A one level villa with a closable living area is perfect for keeping your little ones safe and the mosquito's once the sun disappears.

Stylishly decorated with beautiful prints and large blown up photographs, every bedroom and bathroom is right on current modern interior trends. The bathrooms are open, full of greenery with gorgeous concrete sinks and white tile shower walls. The bedrooms have been kept minimalistic, with white texture bedding and topped with classic Ikea cushions. The kitchen is open and a yummy breakfast is included in your stay. There is also a large pool and a big garden and plenty of outdoor space to relax or read the latest magazine you picked up on your way through the airport.

Fella Villa is for people that appreciate design and want to stay close to the action of Batu Bolong.

Shop: The first time I visited Bungalow living, a homewares store in Canggu, was a couple of years ago. As soon as I saw it I knew we were going to have a long and loving relationship. The colourful bird cages at the entry, the cushions, the notebooks, the atmosphere, I loved it all and still do! The styling is impeccable. The visual merchandising is ever-changing, which is a terrible thing for me - as it tempts me every time I drive past. The majority of their products are locally sourced from artisans and created for  for their store exclusively.  Other items are sourced and curated from ranges in Morocco and Africa. This ecletic combination creates a perfect boho-lux mix to their own collection.

Currently my favourite products are the handmade Moroccan wedding blankets, Indian cotton throws, tasseled velvety cushions and the pendant lamps.

Cocktail Hour: Visit Salumeria Tanah Barak. Bali had never been known for its cheeses and salamis, but the opening of Salumeria Tanah Barak was a game-changer. Owned by one of the best chefs from Australia, Geoff Lindsay, you can only expect great things from this venue. A Campari and spuntini restaurant that overlooks the ricefields at Echo Beach was just what was missing from Canggu. Geoff has not only crafted the perfect menu but also the perfect space.

The interiors are beautifully done with a royal blue sofa that hugs the entire resto/bar. The wire base stools match with the wire light pendants and create a great contrast against the stark white tiled bar. The wooden table tops and the sand coloured sofa chairs are in perfect harmony with the Melbourne Beach photographs that dress the walls. The little touches such as the fabric napkins with Salumeria printed on them and the mother of pearl cutlery immediately elevate this Campari Bar. The long outside concrete bar wraps around the narrow balcony and overlooks the rice paddies. Cocktail or canapé in hand, this is the view of the perfect paradise that Bali can be. The oysters are incredible and the cocktails are of the highest quality.

Order: The Large Sampler Plate (it will blow your mind), The oysters, Tiramisu and toast to a beautiful life with an Aperol Spritz, Pimms & Dry or a Limmoncello and Soda (memories of my youth in Argentina)

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