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For those fortunate enough to have travelled to Bryon Bay - Australia, this place will most likely hold a special place in your heart forever. Having travelled a lot up and down the east coast of Australia - the hinterlands and beach side paradise of Byron Bay is my favourite spot to relax, be inspired, channel my inner mermaid and plan our retirement.

So much design inspiration is coming out of this area with a unique perspective on embracing natural fibers, seamless indoor/outdoor living and celebrating your inner bohemian goddess. Our friend Myee, the Creative Director of Hendrix & Harlow shares with us her go-to easy design tips to have your home looking like a Byron bungalow no matter what your post code. Steph x 

Although it might seem tempting to abandon the grind of peak hour traffic and overinflated mortgage repayments for the promise of a carefree lifestyle in Byron Bay, let’s be honest, its not a realistic option for most of us. Every year travellers from all over the world attempt to lay down roots and many succeed, some spectacularly in fact, but for every one success a thousand souls will eventually pack their bags and return to the daily grind.

We admit, its not an easy path, but it’s been worth every moment!

Ten years ago this month we started living and breathing the Byron lifestyle, a milestone which prompted us to ask ourselves what exactly it is about Byron Bay that holds us here? From the day we arrived, the Byron spirit worked its cheeky magic and practicing gratitude and being in the now took on real meaning. In no time we learned to walk for pleasure, not because we needed to be somewhere. Our pace slowed and for the first time in a long time we began to notice small things, like the direction of the wind, the way the light reflected on the water or the quirky tilt of a stranger’s smile.

Living in Byron Bay for the last decade has afforded us the freedom to slow things down and pursue our creative passions, mine being my design passion through Hendrix & Harlow. Slow living has become our mantra, both in our personal lives and at work.

Now we do realize that changing your entire life to move into the slow lane could be one step too far, but there are ways you can create a Byron lifestyle at home without causing your family reason to consider an intervention…

Paint it white: Get out the roller and paint all the walls a crisp sharp white. If you’re really feeling brave, you could always try a few areas of charcoal or black to highlight window/ door frames or even a whole wall. Dark colours mixed with rustic timber, white and green looks absolutely stunning together and what the heck, it’s only paint.

Our friends and color experts at Dulux recommend the following tone combinations to try in your home:

  • Vivid White ceilings/trims and Natural White walls.
  • Snowy Mountains Quarter ceilings and Snowy Mountains trims and walls.
  • Lexicon Quarter ceilings/trims and White on White walls.

Add Raw Timber & Leather Furnishings: Invest in a few strong pieces of natural or whitewashed timber furniture and make them the focal point for your Byron-style makeover. Introduce a couple of aged Moroccan Leather Ottomans as casual seating dotted around the living area.

Shop: The Collector BenchUp Close and Personal Table, and Steph's Favorite the Rectangle Leather Ottoman

Embrace Texture: Create interest by combining different textures and fabrics in your soft furnishings. Throw a super soft cotton Turkish blanket across the foot of the bed to add an air of laid back Byron luxury.

Shop: Our selection of handmade Cushions and Blankets & Throws

Install a Outdoor Shower: There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a refreshing shower under the stars or on a hot summers day. A Byron home wouldn’t be complete without this little luxury. Using a chucky stool to hold your bath towel and soap makes the ultimate outdoor bathroom companion. If this isn't an options, consider adding plants to your inside bathroom. You can use a couple if hanging plants if bench space is limited. Even hanging a fern at the end of the shower looks beautiful and of course it will be easy to water.

ShopThe Drifter Stool and talk to your local nursery about what plants will work in your bathroom. Steph and Kaz are fans of this Outdoor shower from Seletti. This concrete based portable shower just needs to be plugged into a tap and is under $500.

Seamless Indoor/outdoor living: Continue the indoor/outdoor flow by creating a lush, subtropical vibe inside your home with large indoor plants. Palms, Figs, Yuccas and Strelitzias (Bird of Paradise) always look amazing and look great when styled inside a hand woven baskets. As well as looking good, they’re also great air filters and add life to every room.

Shop: Baskets and remember to bag the plastic pot in plastic before you place it in the basket to catch any excess water. Do not water the plant in the basket - just lift the plant out and take it outside for a drink or into the tub for a short shower.

Next time you're in Byron, stop by or visit our online store: http://www.hendrixandharlow.com.au Myee & The HENDRIX & Harlow Team