A Stylish Stay: Hotel Palisade, Sydney

After months of squeezing in communication between opposite timezones, a few weeks ago Kaz and I crossed paths in person for a couple of nights in the city we once shared, Sydney. With limited time and so much to catch up on we decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a cheeky staycation at the newly re-designed Hotel Palisade. 

Located a couple of clicks from the harbors edge we packed light ( you can do that when traveling with friends who have great taste in beauty products ) and headed into the Rocks mid afternoon making sure we were positioned perfectly to catch the evening sunset from the hotels roof top bar. 

For weeks our Instagram feed has been flooded with the most spectacular imagery of the recently refurbished hotel, highlighting all the unique design elements connecting the past to the present. Design and style star Sibella Court is to credit for this design delight and was inspired by the small trades of eras passed: the handtooled, handsmithed and handtinkered. 

We arrived in what we would describe as a classic small inner city pub. After a moment of confusion as to if we were in the right place the bartender noticed our carry-on and in an accent I have come to yearn for daily, asked if we were checking in. 

We made our way up in the small elevator with our room key hanging on the end of a leather tassel keyring made by the indigo dye masters, Shibori and arrived at our suite appropriate named, William Bennetts.  With only 8 rooms, the hallways felt intimate and we instantly felt the exclusivity of this once old and almost forgotten Sydney stay.  

Well deisgned interiors featuring local makers including one of Mallard’s marine wall murals uniquely hand-painted in seafaring shades are a subtle reminder of your port-side location in Old Sydney Town. Vast views of the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park greeted us as we explored our quaint yet generous room. Our room was perfectly styled with layers of linen, blue printed cushions, a mesh canopy over our bed and a lounge spot the perfect size for both of us to sit back and watch the evening commute on the harbour over a cup of tea. 

We opened up the doors to our shared balcony wanting to make the most of the natural light and the afternoon breeze, before we made our way upstairs to dinner at the hotels restaurant Henry Deane. 

We headed up to level four in search of the Hotel Palisades ‘private parts’. These beautifully designed private rooms are both luxurious and intimate. The detail that has gone into these small spaces felt like you were creeping around an exclusive residence searching for the perfect corner to disapear.

A space equally as unique and well designed as every nook of the hotel is the cocktail bar. Dark and distressed walls wrapped around the space framing the vast glass fishbowl that looked onto the water. Art deco inspired lamps dress the antique sideboards sitting on the most perfect monochrome tilled floor.  The stairway leading up to level five is brought to life by an oversized handmade clay pendant that has us discussing if we too could make something that grand work in our own homes. 

In contrast to the dark and sexy vibes downstairs, the rooftop bar greets us with blush pink sofas, white walls and African Malawi chairs. The entire bar is surrounded in glass and the backdrop of Sydney Harbour steps forward to grab your attention. The bar/kitchen sits on one side of the room and the rest of the space is made up of seating in all variations including another private space appropriately named 'The Flying Fox'. 

We order just about everything on the menu from the kingfish coconut ceviche to the king prawns with a side of brussels sprouts. Over ordering is a bad habit of ours and as the night continues and more food arrives, we repeat a conversation had too many times by this duo and are now slightly embarrassed at the quantity of food sitting in front of us. One more glass of wine and we are ready to descend back down to our room for the night. 

Stay or play, Hotel Palisade is a new favourite of ours and one to explore again and again.